SEO Pricing

Many business have not done enough for SEO, they are either unsure and not optimized properly. Doing a good Online Marketing like SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM is imperative for survival in the new evolved web-driven world. The biggest question on every business person’s mind is to know how much to spend on Online Marketing and how to choose the right person to do correctly. There is no quick and fast rule to this. Most SEO consultants are still finding the best business models for each business Online Marketing needs.


Different Customer Current SEO Status

First and foremost, we need to identify the customer’s current SEO Status. Probably, the SEO consultant will be able to help you to provide a quick assessment of the your company SEO. However, a complete SEO website audit will be preferred as to prepare for the roadmap for the SEO campaign.   Having a completed audit, is a smart choice, as it will help you to analyse your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threat (SWOT Analysis).  This will also help you to plan for the website revamp or redesign. Most website will falls in these 4 categories of website. CMS (Content Management System) (eg WordPress or Joomla) is the best platform for user to host their website. Users can update their update with new and up-to-date content. SEO Consultant can then come in and improve and make the content SEO-Ready. This is the most ideal way for both parties as it allow each party to contribute to the website in the best way that they think fit.

  • No website
  • Website but it is not CMS-ready (WordPress) and it is not SEO-Ready
  • CMS-Ready Website (WordPress)  but it is not SEO Ready
  • CMS-Ready Website (WordPress) but not SEO-Optimized (Google Penalized)
  • CMS-Ready Website (WordPress) but not SEO-Optimized (Not Google Penalized)

SEO Services Pricing/Costing Model

Most SEO Company / Agency will offer you the 3 main payment service model.

  • Monthly Fixed Costing (Monthly Retainer) – This model allow the customer and the SEO Service Consultant to be on the same team, working together to achieve a common goal to improve the business sales revenue. 
  • Project Fixed Costing – Most customer will start with this and have the monthly fixed costing (monthly retainer)  to continue the extensive work scope of SEO Services.
  • Hourly Costing – Least used model. Maybe used to access the strength of the SEO Consultant.

Some SEO Costing Factors and Variations

  • Market Exclusivity
    • Complete Exclusivity (accept no 2nd client from the same industry – direct competitor) – Most Expensive
    • Partial Exclusivity (limit up to 5 clients in the same industry – direct competitor)
    • No Exclusivity (no limit to clients) – Lowest Cost.
  • Search Engine Coverage – In most country, Google is the number 1 search engine. In China, Korea and some countries, the local search engine service provider dominate the market.
    • Local  (1 country)
    • Regional (2 or more countries in the same continent)
    • Continental (2 to 3 continents)
    • Global (more than 4 continents)
  • Number of Products and Services
  • Number of Keywords
  • Level of Keyword Competitiveness and Authority
  • Number of Domain/Sub-Domains
  • Primary Objective of SEO
    • Product Branding/Awareness
    • Direct Sales Revenue

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