Differences between SEO & SEM

Most people are confusing when comparing the differences between SEO and SEM. Often use these terms interchangeably, ignoring the major differences in both the terms. Let get clarity on this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is improving the Google Search Position Ranking.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is advertising your products and services on the related Google Search Page.


Differences between SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 SEM – Search Engine MarketingSEO – Search Engine Optimization
ResultsFast and InstantlyAfter a few weeks
ROIFast Results < less than 3 mthsSlow/ Gradual Results > more than 3 mths
SEO PositionClimb Fast, Fall FastClimb Slow, Stay Longer
Startup CostsPay Google Adwords or Banner Ads (Pay and pay)Pay SEO Consultant (One-time fee and monthly service retainer)
Traffic CostPay for Traffic.More Traffic, More CostsMore Traffic with no extra costs
Trust CredibilityLess Credible in term of trustMore Credible in term of trust
Search Results7X less effective7X more effective
Market VisiblilitySearch / Display NetworkSearch Network only




SEO Singapore


SEM campaign is not complete without SEO.  Primarily, SEO’s main objective is to make the site more attractive  for both users and search engine. However, SEM involve you in spending additional money on advertising and paid placement. To set priority straight, SEO must be your first step in promoting your site. SEM will help to enhance and push it higher and further. In its true sense, both SEO and SEM must be deployed together to get the best desirable result possible.





Once you have developed your site, both SEO and SEM would be the major help in promoting your business. Since both the techniques are important and need proper understanding and skills, it is always beneficial to engage the SEM and SEO services of SEO and SEM experts from a reputed SEO company.


Some of common activities in SEO and SEM

SEO Singapore SEM

  • Google Analytics
  • Business Management/Development
  • Link Building
  • Event Building
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Offline Marketing/Advertising
  • Public Relations/Reputation Management
  • Paid Search/PPC Management
  • Social Networking
  • Web Design
  • Web Content Writing/Blogging


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