How to Convert your SEO Sales Lead to Increased Sales Revenue

Changing Marketplace

Currently, we have recognised that our marketplace has changed rapidly and restructured into 2 main circle of business competition. Some businesses are still using the old ways of conducting business, however some businesses has evolved and redeveloped and using newer web marketing strategies to capture new customers while rewarding their existing customers. The old way of doing business will increase overheads progressively as you expand. However, the new way of running a business will increase overheads slightly as you expand exponentially. Therefore, it is clear that we need to retool our business process to adjust to the changing marketplace. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Networking is just two of the newer concept in running profitable business in Singapore. It is essential to know how to convert your SEO Sales Lead to Increased Sales Revenue.

Well, in essence, we need to do well in both circles of competition.

seo convert leads to sales


Apply the complete 360 view of our business and new consumer

  • Understand your nature of product and services
    • Is your product well sought and readily available in the physical marketplace?
  • Understand your competition in the physical marketplace
  • Understand your competition on the google search engine
  • Understand the mentality of the consumer using the search engine
    • tech-savvy person
    • meticulous person – usually spend a lot of time searching for things before purchase
    • cautious person – will compare prices with a few parties
    • knowledgeable person – will seek product review online
    • impatience – will probably run through the web search list to locate a suitable vendor or supplier for products or services

Steps to convert your SEO generated Sales Leads to Sales Revenue in Singapore

  • Develop Website to showcase your products and services (more professionalism)
  • Develop Blog for your Website (introduce your products and services in a more fun and relaxed way)
  • Create a community platform for customers to share, understand, learn and grow to fall in love with your products/services
  • Engage a New Media PR Marketing to Develop/Maintain Social Networking for your business
  • Engage a SEO Consultant to Develop/Manage Website SEO Strategies for your business website


The last and most important trick in the book is to reply quickly when you receive the sales enquiry email. You must call your potential customer by  phone to establish a rapport.

The customer is probably calling more people from his/her web search. If he/she like you, he/she will stop calling and your sales is secured.