SEO Trends 2013

2013 trends for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved in the past years. Relative Importance of certain factors like PageRank, Anchor Text has lost its value. However, certain factors like Domain Authority and Link Context have increased its relative importance. Newer factors like Social Media Networking (Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest) have greatly impacted SEO and changed the way of valuing websites.

Google Search Engine Labs are continuously try to find better algorithms to reward websites with good value content and to penalize websites with poor contents and poorly manipulative back links.

Videos on Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo are also becoming a good platform for users to share information. Video is a excellent form for content web marketing that is still under utilized by small business. Probably, small business could not find time or funds to do a proper video as it require a lot of time and investments.

Factors that Determine the Google Search Engine Ranking

  • Social

    • Google +1
    • Google Authorship
    • Facebook Shares
    • Facebook Comments
    • Facebook Like
    • Facebook Total
    • Pinterest
    • Tweets
  • Technical

    • Length of URL
    • Position Keyword in Title (Character)
    • Position Keyword in Title (Word)
    • URL is no subdomain
    • Existence of Description
    • Existence of H1
    • Existence of H2
    • Site Speed
    • Keyword in Domain Name
    • Video Integration
    • Keyword in Description
    • Keyword in URL
    • Ability to show website in different devices like Desktop,Mobile,Tablet
  • Backlinks

    • Number of Backlinks
    • %Backlinks rel=nofollow
    • SEO Visibility of Backlinking URL
    • % Backlinks with Stopword
    • Word Count in Anchor Text
    • % Backlinks from same Country
    • % Backlinks with Keywords
  • Content

    • Number of Internal Links
    • HTML Length
    • Word Count
    • Keywords in Body
    • Keywords in External Links
    • Text Characters Length
    • Internal Link is self-referential
    • Keyword in Internal Links
    • Image Count
    • Keyword in H2

Last Words in SEO Trends

Understanding the critical factors that influence the Google Search Engine ranking is very important to the work of SEO Consultant. There is a very narrow line between 100% SEO-Optimized and overly SEO-Optimized.  Over-Optimized website are penaltized very heavy and it may even lose all position or ranking. Recovery from Google Penalty is very tough and may take a lot time to get back to its glorious days.

2013 is likely to see a lot of exciting changes in SEO. No SEO expert can accurately predict these trends.




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