Can We Trust Google Search Engine?

google trustworthy

These days, there are many companies that are tweaking on website’s SEO campaign. Many company are spending money to be ranked on the 1st page of the search engine. As being listed on the 1st page means that they can connect to potential customers.

The ranking available on the google search engine may not trustworthy.  Some of these website are paid or sponsored websites by Google Adwords. The next category is the company that paid to SEO Consulting company to help them to improve their google position ranking on the search engine. These SEO Consultancy company provide services to get the competitive edge over their competitors. Sometime, these competition can be quite intensified and cost a lot of money. The single ultimate sure-winner of these war game is Google.

Google ranks these websites according to the quality of the content of the websites. By understanding how google algorithms work, It  will definitely help you to improve your ranking in the google search engines.  In another words, if you can manipulate the google search engine, you can control the monetary system.

In the recent years, Google has been improving and refining their engine with their Google Panda and Google Penguin. It will reward good quality sites and penalize poor quality sites. However, some good quality may be penalize wrongly. Google has also setup the appeal system to help these website to regain from the penalty condition.

But, let’s trace back to our opening question. Can we trust Google Search Engine? The answer is NO. The reason is simple. Google’s survival depends on earnings to survive. When the element of money is present, how can we trust the information that is selected and arranged for us? How we view information depends on how Google want to show our desired information in the order that Google can maximize earning. We really have very little control on this aspect.  Google control what and how information can be viewed by people. This is not right in this day and age of modernization. Information should be free, fair and not controlled by any party.

Let do a very simple test. Do a simple keyword search on Google, Yahoo and Bing. I am very 100% certain that the information presented in Google is definitely different fromYahoo and Microsoft’s Bing. So what does this tell you?  It tell us that we cannot depend on a single source of information. We need more search engines so that we can put Google in check. We cannot let Google control the information.


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