Why SEO?

SEO Services is a process/technique which promote your website as desirable and friendly as possible to search engines so it ranks as high up the list as possible when users search for your products and services.

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Why SEO Services?

The ever-changing evolution of technology has impacted the way to do business today. Decade ago, companies rely on traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers to promote their products or services Now, things have evolved and it is a totally different. The use of internet as new form of marketing has been widely accepted. It  plays a vital role in lifting your business to the next quantum level.

If Your Business Can’t Be Found On The Search Engines,You Basically Don’t Exist.

Let study the facts:

  • Almost 70% of the World Population is now online
  • Over 1 Billion Customers
  • 92% of internet users research products & businesses online
  • 85% of people use search engines to find information or products review for their next purchase
  • 50% of searchers never looked past the 1st  search page
  • 30% of searchers never looked past the 3rd  search page
  • More mobile users are using smartphones and tablets to use search engines

When to do SEO Services?

The answer is simple. The trick is start early on the race.

If you do not start looking into SEO, then you will start to lose your market competitiveness. Companies deploying SEO early are rewarded handsomely. Google believed in progressively improving on your website’s content and links. Google keep track of all your previous version of the websites  and compare it from time to time.

Late comers to SEO may want to make for lost time. Some resort to Black Hat SEO Techniques. It will punish companies for been overly optimised and using Black Hat SEO Techniques. Say No-No to quick fixes or shortcuts.


To get our people to know and buy your products or services, we need to have our website to be positioned in 1st to 3rd page of a given keyword search. 

The chance of success is greater than you were start later. The marketplace is getting more intense and competitive. If you were there first, then you have the upper hand to do better.

Action Plan

You can either

  1. Employ a new marketing staff with SEO Skills
  2. Send your existing marketing staff or web designer for SEO Training
  3. Get your external web designer to perform SEO Services/SEO Consultancy
  4. Engage a external SEO Consultant to perform SEO Services 


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