SEO Consultancy

SEO Consultancy is the most important phase in the entire SEO process. Company needs to understand the benefits of SEO. It is imperative to set the expectation right. SEO is not a magic bullet. It is just a modern process of marketing. SEO cannot give you sales. SEO can only help you to attract sales leads. Sales people are still very important in converting potential sales leads to sales.

In the retail context, we all know the famous wisdom of “Location, Location, Location”. In the SEO context, it is “Position, Position, Position”.

seo consultancy services

Understandings needs and reasons why SEO

  • Increase Corporate Presence
  • Increase Products and Services Awareness
  • Attract More Customer to buy Products and Services. Increase Sales and Revenue

Website Audit  (Analysis & Evaluation)

  • More Web Designer are creative people, may not be well trained in the SEO skills sets

Understand products or services in industry segment (in term of market competitiveness)

  • Not all industries, products, services are similiar
  • Every company run differently
  • In some markets, Traditional Marketing is competitive but not New Media Marketing. Vice Versa.

Define/Research commonly relevant and target keywords

  • Start with 3-worded keywords
  • Use WordTracker to study/analyze the selected keywords.
  • Start with keyword with high KEI.

Define and Establish Short-Term,Mid-Term and Long-term goals (in terms of keywords position ranking, timeline)

  • if timeline is tight, then we might have to resort to Google Adwords Campaign (Pay Per Click – PPC)


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