Tips & Tricks

SEO Singapore deployed different strategies for different situation. SEO Consultant need to spend a great deal of time in researching the suitable multiple keywords and deployed the right keyword strategy. There are many SEO Tips Tricks that can help your Search Engine Position or Ranking. Below are a simple and brief summary of some of the tactics that used by most SEO Consultant in their course of work.


seo singapore trick tips

  1. Be Unique or Orginal Content, otherwise you will penalize by Google Penguin and Google Panda
  2. Deploy Killer Keyword Research using tools like wordtracker.
  3. Use of Keyword-Rich Anchor Text
  4. Use of Keywords in Domain Names
  5. Use Meaningful File Names, Folders and Paths
  6. Get Radical and Relevant Content
  7. Inject Meaningful keyword  into the full URL of the page
  8. Good Page Titles
  9. Meaningful  Name of Images (alt tag)
  10. Meaningful Meta Keyword & Description Tags
  11. Use of  Heading (H1 – H6 tags) especially H1 and H2
  12. Strategize Link-Building Campaign – Deploy Inbound Links / Internal Links /Outbound Links
  13. Use Google sitemap for content,video,images,mobile site
  14. Use RSS Feed
  15. Use of Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
  16. Avoid all-Flash sites, heavy-duty use of JavaScript, deep dynamic pages that are database-driven
  17. Strictly no quick and dirty Black Hat SEO Techniques. Use White Hat SEO Techniques only.


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